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x2cms Web Solutions is part of the privately owned PressPublish Group established in 1997.

Our mission is to be a quality company with highly capable staff and systematic processes that leads to satisfied customers. Our methods include continuous process improvement in every aspect of our company - from training our staff, to creating and delivering our products and services, to supporting our customers not only as clients but as long-term partners.

An effective team of great people is the key to our success in fulfilling our mission and realizing our own goals along with our customers goals. Effective and timely customer support is vital to our business and our success.

Since launch our business has seen an annual increase in turnover of not less than 25% - with a corresponding increase in staffing levels each year. Every private label client is serviced directly by a Technical Director and a Sales Director with a clear aim to integrate our product seamlessly with your existing solutions.

Our Customers

We work with a wide range of blue-chip companies providing custom web development, SaaS solutions (including our cutting edge website builder) and high level secure website's online administration systems. With few exceptions our client list is confidential. Our approach to confidentiality is unique among private label website builders. To discuss our client base and to obtain references to approach for testimonials please contact us directly.

Our Background

x2cms was launched in 1997 and initially specialized in full service web design to the publishing industry - providing high level MS-SQL based web solutions geared to presenting traditional print publications online.
In 2001 the approach of the company was broadened to capitalize on the experience gained in producing bespoke content management systems and the x2cms Website Builder was launched.

Our Location

x2cms is headquartered in Scotland, United Kingdom.  If you are visiting our offices please contact us for detailed directions. Our support and sales teams operate 24/7.


In the first instance please make initial contact with our Managing Director, Stuart Greig.

Stuart Greig, Client Services Director
David Youren, Technical Director
Amanda Gilbert, Support Manager

Contact Details

Email - support at x2cms.com


x2cms (Presspublish Limited),
151 West George Street,
Glasgow, Scotland.
United Kingdom, G2 2JJ.