x2cms Hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) Hosted Solutions
"The x2cms website builder, hosted and maintained on x2cms servers - just add websites... "

The simplest solution to adding a website builder, there is no infrastructure to consider, no hosting to build/maintain and no headaches - just a straightforward solution right from the start.

We provide you with an initial number of servers based on your expected client base and the system is fully scaleable - additional servers can be added within 24 hours. A hosted solution is our preferred method of provisioning private label solutions - it is ideal for smaller companies and removes fixed costs and overheads for larger operations.

Every private label client is allocated their own dedicated servers behind Cisco firewall's and the cost of the servers is included in your monthly pricing based on the number of active client websites on the server.

Hosted Benefits

Complete setup within 72 hours
Reduced fixed cost and overhead, you only pay for the clients active on your server
Complete control of your clients hosting, bandwidth, DNS and email
100% uptime guarantee
Professionally managed by x2cms staff
Regular updates to x2cms website builder and tools
Full backup and backup management of your solution and all client websites and databases
24/7 tier 2 support via email and toll free numbers
Assisted transfer of clients/websites from other website builder providers

Branding and Integration

All hosted solutions are branded to your business and x2cms is completely invisible - from initial login to every page of the online help system. If required x2cms will work with you to tailor the website builder in to your existing products and service offerings providing a seamless experience for you and your customers.

Customer Management

Pricing, demos, trials, packages - x2cms gives you complete flexibility to create the products and tools that match your customer requirements. We provide an integrated suite of management tools capable of managing websites, DNS, email and more - you choose which aspects of the system you want to use. Our tools can be integrated to billing and management APIs - to discuss a tailor made solution please use the Free Consultation form.

For further information on our private label website builder please use our consultation form - we guarantee a detailed response within 24 hours. Click here for a free consultation.

Featured Partner

Our private label clients demand the most reliable web hosting, which is why x2cms rely on Rackspace - the market leader in server provision.

While other private label website builder solutions may outsource their server hosting, we consider our clients site availability to be the key to a long term relationship.

Featured Software

Offering a simple and intuitive way to build a website is only the beginning. Long term customer retention begins with providing your clients the tools to develop their website over time.

Plesk is the leading hosting control panel familiar to your customers on both Windows and Unix platforms.

Featured Technology

Cloud hosting offers SaaS a number of key advantages including the ability to rapidly deploy and scale existing servers. To discuss "hosting in the cloud" for your private label website builder please contact us.