Features an overview of the features and benefits of x2cms
"Quite simply the most advanced, flexible, feature rich and easy to use website builder available"

With over 10 years experience providing our website builder direct to the consumer no-one is better placed to understand the importance of providing the right website builder to your clients than x2cms. Consistently leading the field in innovation x2cms is ahead of the curve in providing powerful online website building tools.

Benefits to our private label clients

User-friendly, feature rich and unique website builder
Dedicated Account Director and full support from x2cms 24/7
Cost effective contracts tailored to your business model
Fully flexible in style, integration and future development
Longer retention time as your customer base grows with the website builder
Custom development of applications and add-ons available
x2cms provides a custom solution that suits your business needs.

Website Builder Features


Quickly and easily create a site from scratch with our wizards
Familiar WYSIWYG interface that runs in all major browsers on PC, Mac and Linux
Beginner, Intermediate and Web Developer modes for all skill levels
As easy to use as a word processor
Built in file management, image management and image tools
SEO tools and readily indexed output by all search engines


Choose from a wide range of over 170 unique templates
Use multiple templates on the same website
Built in CSS manager or and integrate separate CSS files
File manager, image manager and file upload

Creative Functionality

Simple creation of contact us page with CAPTCHA
Simple click creation of email form
Built in recommend this site feature
Built in RSS feed creation and parser
Easily add Music, movies and flash to web pages
Create powerful forms with required fields and CAPTCHA

Powerful Plugins

FAQ builder
Guest book with CAPTCHA
Link exchanger
Newsletter Manager
RSS Builder
Search Engine
Google site map creator
Google Maps
Photo Gallery


Copy and paste from Word and Excel
Copy and paste from Powerpoint, other websites... virtually anything
Creates standard, straightforward HTML for use in other applications

Advanced Functionality

Create and add dynamic HTML menus
Import designs and content from other websites
insert javascript and HTML with one click
Direct access to work with and edit underlying HTML
HTML tidy to clean underlying code
Work with html, php, asp pages and more

Customer Management

Pricing, demos, trials, packages - x2cms gives you complete flexibility to create the products and tools that match your customer requirements. We provide an integrated suite of management tools capable of managing websites, DNS, email and more - you choose which aspects of the system you want to use. Our tools can be integrated to billing and management APIs - to discuss a tailor made solution please use the Free Consultation form.

For further information on our private label website builder please use our consultation form - we guarantee a detailed response within 24 hours. Click here for a free consultation.

User friendly

Your clients will create websites quickly and easily using our wizards and wide range of included templates. Once developed they can benefit from our plugins system to add news, Google site maps, FAQ's, photo gallery and more.

SEO Friendly

x2cms creates standard HTML using simple page naming conventions driven by the user. All pages are indexed quickly and easily by search engines and the website builder includes SEO tools and a Google site map generator.

Powerful and easy to use

x2cms includes three levels of access to the website builder functions - Beginner, Standard and Advanced. This unique feature allows your customers to rely on the website builder as their skills and requirements grow.

Advanced Development

With x2cms your designers and developers can work with the website builder to create sites before hand off to the client. Developers can access and work directly with the HTML along with advanced tools.

Design is key

x2cms includes over 170 design templates. You can create, add and manage your own designs through our template admin tool. Adding a template to x2cms is as simple as dropping in a line of code.

The only website builder...

x2cms is the only website builder that allows the use of multiple templates, one click insertion of html or javascript code, full access to the underlying HTML and many more unique features.

Tailored to your business

No installation of x2cms is ever the same - every private label client and customer base has different needs and requirements. Our applications are tailor made to fit your business model and we guarantee to provide a unique, easy to use solution to your clients.

Driven by you...

Almost 50% of all new features and innovations are driven by private label client requests. is there something missing from your existing website builder? Talk to us to have it developed.

Making the change

x2cms has built in tools to allow you to import existing client sites from the web or other website builders. Our staff will work closely with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.